Toms Kite Building Site

building your own trickkite


What next? What to build after you made a "Le Quartz"?

The next step can give you one of the best that free source kites can give: the B'zar from Werner Hulstaert!

Click on the picture below to open the website.

The world of trick kiting doesn't stand still. With Le Quartz being one of the first good kites that came out as "open source", a lot of other good kites followed the footsteps.

It would be impossible to name them all or have a list of links to their plans. That's where Mr Google comes in ;-)

When it comes to building your own kites, there are 3 fora you could visit if you have questions or want to promote your own kite:

Fractured Axel - English
Gone With The Wind - American
Vliegerwereld - Dutch

And if you want to know what you can do with your trick kite, there is only one address: