Toms Kite Building Site

building your own trickkite


Here you can see some of the results of this website. Send us a picture of your self-built kite, we will publish it here to show everyone how nice the result can be! Click on any picture to see a bigger one.

The top left kite is made by Tom :-) The second kite is the first result of this website, by an American kite builder: Dwayne from Corning, California. Nice job Dwayne!

Next up is the first European build by Carlo De Rond!

We know (thanks to Google analytics) that there are 100's of Le Quartz out there!

 Baws (Dough)  Baws (Dough)  Marco  Marco  Lieven Van Landschoot  Gerardo Flores Taboada, Mexico  Iftah Burman, Israƫl  Marco  Marco  Marco