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building your own trickkite


Trick kiting is more than just flying left and right across the sky. To have a good trick kite, we need a kite that can shake off its wind pressure quickly; to allow us to execute the desired trick. On the other hand, we need a trick kite that can build up the pressure quite fast after a trick. To make this possible, we must be able to adapt the kite to the wind circumstances - partly by adapting the bridle and tail weight, partly by taking another kite model.

  1. In normal circumstances (say wind from 1 to 4 Beaufort (Bft)) we can do with a standard (STD) model trick kite. This has the right balance between what we need and the possibility to execute all tricks. In these kites we have 15 grams of weight added to the tail of the kite.

  2. In a stronger wind (say 4 and 5 Bft) we need a kite that doesn't pick up speed too fast and that can lose the pressure with relative ease. A kite like that is called a "VENTED" or "HIGH WIND" (HW) version. The main differences are the spars used (thicker and thus heavier), the openings in the sail on strategic places and more weight in the tail (up to 50 grams, mostly 20 grams)

  3. In less strong winds (0,5 to 1,5 Bft) we could use an "Ultra Light" (UL) version of our trick kite. Here we find lighter and thinner spars, the weight used is at most 12 grams.

  4. On zero wind days, we use a "Super Ultra Light" (SUL) version. This has the thinnest spars in it, a small 5 grams for weight, smaller connectors and a very light fortification of the nose. With some SUL trick kites you are able to fly indoors, but not all brands of kites have that ability to the same extent.

  5. When flying inside (like in a sports hall) we use an "Indoor" trick kite. Practicaly no fortifications, very light spars and connectors. Usually only 3 grams in those kites.

Roughly, these are the differences between the various overlapping trick kite models.The reason for the weights is that trick kites need to have some "mass" to do all the rotations needed in today's tricks.